Robson Green in the River Dee (Feb 2020). Photo by Kath Flannery.

Robson Green in Oban, Scotland

By Ellis Butcher & David Walker

Actor and presenter Robson Green has been in Oban filming a new television series, and made visits to local businesses.

The life-long angler arrived in town to meet Lindsay MacMillan, owner of Markie Dans bar, and declared Oban ‘beautiful and extraordinary’.

Robson, aged 56, interviewed local fishermen about working off the West Coast for a new four-part series.

He has been diving for oysters and scallops and seen a mammoth skate weighing 179lb.

The former Soldier Soldier star visited places such as Inveraray and the Isle of Mull, and met those involved in protection and sustainability.

Robson Green with Lindsay MacMillan

Robson explained he was familiar with Oban having started his theatre career appearing in Glasgow, the Hebrides, Lewis and Harris.

He said of the programme: ‘It’s about meeting these extraordinary, larger-than-life people who tell us why Oban is beautiful and why the Isle of Mull is beautiful.

He added: ‘It’s also a celebration of the areas we live and how beautiful they are and how we never know what is on our doorstep.’

Broader than just a fishing programme, it also incorporates interviews with people passionate about the marine environment, wildlife protection and sustainability at sea.

As Robson said: ‘It’s in everyone’s interests that we should not only make sure the creatures underneath the ocean survive but that they thrive as well.’

During his time in the town, Robson thrilled onlookers at Markie Dans by casually picking up a guitar and briefly strumming along to a self-penned song.

It echoed his time at the top of the charts in the mid-1990s with fellow Soldier Soldier star Jerome Flynn.

Markie Dans owner Lindsay MacMillan, helped bring some local fishermen together for the programme, with her now retired father Charlie having spent most of his life at sea.

She said it was nice to meet ‘laid back’ Robson and that her husband was a keen fan of his Extreme Fishing programmes.

There was another Oban link too with assistant producer Sarah Brake, aged 29.

She works for Firecracker Films and is based in Glasgow but originally went to school in the town and this was her visit in 12 years.

Also involved in the series is Robson’s company Rivers Meet Productions.

The veteran actor and TV presenter also enjoyed lunch at Roxy’s Coffee and Tea House on Argyll Square.

Robson Green with Donna Macculloch

Co-owner of the coffee shop, Donna Macculloch described how she remembered him mostly for his old show, Soldier Soldier.

She said: “It was a lovely visit. When we realised he was in having lunch, we spoke about and remember his TV series Soldier Soldier as like many ex-army wives I was a fan.

“Then we spoke about the reason he’s up here and that’s looking for skate for his fishing series.”

Robson Green and Archie Macculloch

Mrs Macculloch was coy when asked what Mr Green had to eat.

She added: “Well we were extremely busy and we have had other celebrities in before and it’s important to let them be and enjoy their lunch and time out, however it was nice to see him!

“I can’t say what he had as that wouldn’t be right.”

Source: The Oban Times and The Press & Journal

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