Grantchester S6 with Robson Green and Tom Brittney
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Grantchester S6

Grantchester, starring Robson Green and Tom Brittney, returns for a sixth series.

Daisy Coulam, Grantchester creator, head writer and executive producer revealed that filming commenced at the end of September 2020: “There were lots of very complicated conversations going on about how to shoot and how to keep people safe [due to the Covid-19 pandemic].

“It’s like a big Rubik’s Cube – everyone’s trying to solve this almost unsolvable puzzle, but everyone’s really up for it, and the actors are desperate to get back.

“Grantchester Series 6 is going to be kind of game-changing for a lot of our characters – we’re going to put them all through the wringer this series.

“And it’s a big series for Leonard, where we’re going to take him to some quite dark places. Basically, we’re going to do a couple of quite big stories for our central characters that pull everyone into them.

So it’s not separate strands – each strand will affect all of our lovely characters. It’s going to be emotional for all of them!

“I’m quite excited, actually, about the series. I feel like it could be the height of Grantchester.”

Grantchester returns for a 6th series! 3rd September 2021 (UK) & 3rd October 2021 (USA)

Holiday Tragedy

ITV has revealed that Grantchester Series 6 resumes in 1958, and will focus on a holiday camp which sees a tragic death occur just as Geordie and his family are enjoying a well-earned break there.

Geordie and Will, who is also staying at the resort with Leonard and Mrs C, have no choice but to get involved with the case, the repercussions of which are set to play out across the rest of the series.

The new episodes will mark Brittney’s second run playing the titular village’s vicar. His character served as a replacement to James Norton’s Sidney Chambers, who ran the Grantchester parish through the show’s first four series.

In a statement, Kudos Executive Producer Emma Kingsman-Lloyd says: “In these difficult times we are delighted to be able to film another series of our beloved Grantchester.

“The cast and crew have worked tirelessly to bring the series to the screen and we know the audience are very excited to see what Will, Geordie and the Grantchester family have in store for them.”

Adapted from the Grantchester Mysteries novels by James Runcie, the show has performed solidly for ITV in previous years, regularly attracting over five million viewers.

Grantchester S6 Episode Guide

Episode 1

Grantchester S6 E1 - 3rd September 2021 (UK)

Episode 2

Grantchester S6 E2 - 10th September 2021 (UK)

Episode 3

Grantchester S6 E3 - 17th September 2021 (UK)

Episode 4

Grantchester S6 E4 - 24th September 2021 (UK)

Episode 5

Grantchester S6 E5 - 1st October 2021 (UK)

Episode 6

Grantchester S6 E6 - 8th October 2021 (UK)

Episode 7

Grantchester S6 E7 - 15th October 2021 (UK)

Episode 8

Grantchester S6 E8 - 22nd October 2021 (UK)

Robson Green at the Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre

Robson Green visits Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre

Grantchester S6 Filming Begins

Grantchester S6 begins filming