Grantchester S6 E7
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Grantchester S6 E7

  • Episode: 7 of 8
  • ITV UK: Friday 15th October 2021

Grantchester S6 Episode 7

When Leonard’s prison cell-mate Joe Davies is accused of murdering another inmate, Leonard asks Will and Geordie for their help, convinced that Joe is innocent.

However the murder bears striking similarities to the crime for which Joe was incarcerated – the drowning of his own mother – and with everyone from the Prison Governor to the Chaplain Reverend Byatt convinced Joe is guilty, could Leonard have got it wrong?

Meanwhile, with their relationship feeling strained, Cathy plans to throw a party to celebrate her anniversary with Geordie. And with Tamara on hand to help, anything could happen.

Grantchester Cast

Geordie KeatingRobson Green
Will DavenportTom Brittney
Leonard FinchAl Weaver
Mrs ChapmanTessa Peake-Jones
Cathy KeatingKacey Ainsworth
Johnny RichardsShaun Dooley
Daniel MarloweOliver Dimsdale
Jack ChapmanNick Brimble
Tamara Gurney-CliffordEmily Patrick
Henry JonesAhmed Elhaj
Esme KeatingSkye Lucia Degruttola
Rev Nick ByattPaul Ryan
Sophie HastingsGabrielle Glaister
James MiltonJohn Bowler
Joe DaviesBobby Lockwood
Arthur DaviesIan Burfield
Elroy HastingsJames Bailey
LynchCameron Jack
Ivy KeatingRubie-Rose Fearfield
Dora KeatingRose Allen
David KeatingCarter-Jae O’Neil

Written by Daisy Coulam. Directed by Jermain Julien. Based on the novels The Grantchester Mysteries by James Runcie.

Grantchester S6 E6

Grantchester S6 E6

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