Grantchester S6 E4
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Grantchester S6 E4

  • Episode: 4 of 8
  • ITV UK: Friday 24th September 2021

Grantchester S6 Episode 4

An otherwise quiet nightshift is disrupted when a group of young American airmen are arrested for trespassing at the local quarry and brought to the station.

When one of the airmen collapses and dies, Geordie and Will must try and work out how he could have been murdered in plain sight, in police custody.

With the airmen closing ranks and saying little, Will and Geordie must navigate a complex web of loyalties and lies: who exactly are the men protecting and why?

As they probe further into the dynamics at play between this young band of brothers, the case prompts an unexpected revelation from Will which threatens to drive a wedge into his friendship with Geordie.

Is Will really the man Geordie thought he knew?

There are questions and revelations back at the vicarage too, as Leonard and Daniel spend the night reassessing their relationship – and their future – in light of Leonard’s impending trial.

Ben Wiggins as Lieutenant Ellis in Grantchester S6 E4

Grantchester Cast

Geordie KeatingRobson Green
Will DavenportTom Brittney
Leonard FinchAl Weaver
Mrs ChapmanTessa Peake-Jones
Cathy KeatingKacey Ainsworth
Daniel MarloweOliver Dimsdale
Larry PetersBradley Hall
Miss ScottMelissa Johns
Tamara Gurney-CliffordEmily Patrick
Lieutenant EllisBen Wiggins
Colonel WadeCorey Johnson
Howie BennetVictor Alli
Bobby CooperDeclan Baxter
Stanley ObreroGeorge Hannigan

Written by Louise Ironside. Directed by Rob Evans. Based on the novels The Grantchester Mysteries by James Runcie.

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