Robson Green at the Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre
Photo by Jenny Woolgar
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Robson Green visits Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre

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Actor Robson Green was on location in Carlisle last week filming at the Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre for a new Channel 5 show which is due to be aired at the end of September.

Robson met Gary Swainson who runs the centre out in Thurstonfield and got to fly Pedro the spectacled owl who was doing her maiden free flight in front of the cameras.

Pedro was born during lockdown and is now flying on her own as part of the bird display team at the centre.  She is a tropical owl native to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina and has been hand reared at the site.

The centre which has been on the outskirts of Carlisle for 27 years, re-opened in July following lockdown with heightened control measures, including private group experiences to give local people the confidence to get out and about.

Gary Swainson said of the visit: “Robson was a natural with the birds and was very personal with me and the volunteers here, even signing autographs for a fan.  He was charming and easy company. He was really impressed with the set-up here and how we have managed to re-open safely.”

Robson also filmed a special video in recognition of the fundraising effort to Help Save Stanley Dalton at the centre which was sent to the family as a boost to the campaign.

On hearing about the story, Robson was only too happy to show his support and wishes to family and friends.

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