Robson Green is a patron of the Vindolanda Trust in Northumberland
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Vindolanda Trust Receives Lifeline Grant

The Vindolanda Trust in Northumberland has been awarded £250,000 as part of the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund (CRF) to help face the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and to ensure they have a sustainable future.

The Vindolanda Trust is one of 588 organisations that will share the latest round of grants of up to £1 million.

The grant will secure the financial viability for the Vindolanda Trust, contributing towards critical recovery factors, and allowing the Trust to remain partially open during the traditionally low-income October to March season.

The Trust is an independent charity that is responsible for the excavation and preservation of the Roman remains in their ownership. This includes the Vindolanda Roman Fort, the Roman site of Carvoran and the Roman Army Museum.

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Roman ruins of Vindolanda in Northumberland
After Hadrian’s Wall and the Roman occupation was abandoned by its imperial armies, Vindolanda remained in use for over 400 years before finally becoming abandoned in the 9th century.

Dr Andrew Birley, the Trust’s CEO, said: “The Vindolanda Trust is extremely grateful and delighted that it has been successful in its application to the Culture Recovery Fund through the Arts Council England.

“This substantial grant will have a significant impact to our ability to survive through the winter of 2020 and push positively ahead into 2021. It protects jobs, skills and expertise, the Designated Museum Collection and the ancient site.

“Importantly, by supporting the Vindolanda Trust this award also helps the surrounding cultural and tourism ecosystem in the central part of Hadrian’s Wall.”

Robson Green, who is a patron of the Trust, said: “This really is wonderful and extraordinary news. This money will secure financial viability, covering the core costs over the long and uncertain winter. 

“Having just recently completed a TV series telling the incredible story of Hadrian’s Wall the experience reminded me that history makes us what we are and gives us a wider awareness of the issues that faced, are facing, and will face the world we are growing up in.

“The Vindolanda Trust reminds us all that knowing our origins not only teaches us about the past and the world we live in today, but more importantly it allows us learn so much about ourselves”.

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