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Aureus Adventures

Aureus Adventures Writing Competition

Aureus Adventures is a short story writing competion for 5 – 13 year olds, based around an aureus (a type of coin) found on the Vindolanda excavations.

It is the only gold coin found at Vindolanda and was around 400 years old when it was lost. If only that coin could talk and tell us who it had met, where it had travelled and the sights it has witnessed, its story would be incredible.

The writing competition is to get children creative and write a short story based around the life this coin may have led in those long years of use.

You can find out more, and the inspiriation for the competition, at the Vindolanda Charitable Trust website.

Judging Process

The entries are judged in 3 age categories: 5-7, 8-10 and 11-13.

Stories are judged on originality, enjoyment, characterisation, plot and language, rather than grammar, spelling or punctuation.


The top 3 stories from each age category are published online.

In each category; 3rd prize is a £10 book token and 2nd prize is a £20 book token.

The winner in each category receive a £50 book token and their story narrated by Vindolanda Patron Robson Green, which is available to listen to at the Vindolanda Story Library or via the videos below.

For the Love of Britain S1 E3

For the Love of Britain S1 E4