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Robson Green pays tribute to Tom Brittney as he takes on new role

Robson Green paid a sweet tribute to his Grantchester co-star Tom Brittney during a TV appearance with Lorraine Kelly (Friday 11th March).

Grantchester’s 7th season sees DI George ‘Geordie’ Keating (Robson) and Reverend Will Davenport (Tom) join forces to solve more cases in Cambridgeshire. During an interview with Lorraine, the duo discussed what fans can expect from the upcoming series.

Robson Green on #Lorraine

Robson also paid a tribute to Tom after praising him for stepping into a new role on the show.

Tom explained he stepped away from his acting role and directed episode three of the series.

When asked what it was like to direct the programme, Tom explained: “I did, episode three which is out in a couple of weeks. It was the first thing I have ever directed. I did films in college, but this was a bit of a step up.”

He continued: “It was amazing, and I can’t thank the executive producers enough for letting me do it and obviously, Robson and the cast for trusting me.”

“How did he do?” the host asked as Robson praised: “It was like he’d been directing for years.

“The thing about Tom is he’s one of the most confident people I’ve ever met, and he’s got amazing self-belief and belief in his ability. He’s got a grasp on visual grammar and the principles of photography, it was like he’d been doing it for years.”

Robson & Tom as Geordie & Will in Grantchester

“It is important that when you work along somebody, that they are confident and that they know what they’re doing,” the actor added. “That then instils confidence on set, and he was a great safety net.”

Lorraine proceeded to show a clip from the series of Tom’s character on a motorbike.

The actor admitted ITV bosses asked him to pass his driving test so he could ride it for the show.

“I love doing it on set, not that much in real life,” he explained. “They are terrifying.”

He also teased there will be romance on the cards for the vicar in series seven.

“Love is in the air,” he said as Robson chipped in: “There are so many themes to play and one of them you saw in the clip, is what is true love.

“In this series, Geordie…the irony being Geordie’s life is falling apart. Kathy’s kicked him out, he’s living with the vicar and giving the vicar relationship advice.”

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