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Grantchester S7 E6

  • Episode: 6 of 6
  • ITV UK: Friday 15th April 2022

Grantchester 7 Episode 6

Vicar Will is pledging to abstain from love. It’s a worrying development, as the fact that his dog collar usually spends far more time on the bedroom floor than around his neck must surely mean that each episode will now be just ten minutes long, right?

But as is later pointed out to him by the smug and cynical Professor Larson, people are incapable of change. And, sure enough, Will’s thoughts are soon turning once again to romance.

However, a suspicious death is also vying for his attention in this pacey season finale – and it has unsettling links to a case he and Geordie thought they’d wrapped up weeks ago.

Another vagrant is found dead, clean-shaven and killed in the same manner as the previous victims. Geordie realises that he may have sent the wrong man to prison, and that the real killer could still be at large.

Geordie wants to know if Robin told anyone about the killings or if he has an accomplice, but he and Will get to the Asylum only to find that Robin has taken his own life. His last visitor was Professor Larson.

Geordie hurries to interrogate Larson but she has been attacked, by her student Jim Baker. Now it’s a manhunt, and Geordie realises that Jim has gone to the Vicarage.  Is Will’s life in danger? 

Will and Bonnie kiss in the Grantchester S7 finale

Grantchester Cast

Geordie KeatingRobson Green
Will DavenportTom Brittney
Leonard FinchAl Weaver
Mrs ChapmanTessa Peake-Jones
Cathy KeatingKacey Ainsworth
Bonnie EvansCharlotte Ritchie
Daniel MarloweOliver Dimsdale
Jack ChapmanNick Brimble
Amelia Gurney-CliffordJemma Redgrave
St John Gurney-CliffordDominic Mafham
Bishop Aubrey GrayStuart Bowman
Larry PetersBradley Hall
Miss ScottMelissa Johns
Tamara Gurney-CliffordEmily Patrick
Elliott WallaceMichael D Xavier
Edith LarsonRowena King
Jim BakerTom Glenister
Robin FellowsJeremy Ang Jones
Esme KeatingSkye Lucia Degruttola
Dr FlemmingRobert Timothy Maskell
Ernie EvansIsaac Highams
KennethCallum Sheridan-Lee
RosieKya Brame
Ivy KeatingRuby-Rose Fearfield
Dora KeatingRose Allen
David KeatingCarter-Jae O’Neil

Written by Louise Ironside. Directed by Tim Fywell. Based on the novels The Grantchester Mysteries by James Runcie.

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Robson Green's Dirty Weekends

Robson Green’s Dirty Weekends commissioned for BBC2 from the North East