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Grantchester S7 E2

  • Episode: 2 of 6
  • ITV UK: Friday 18th March 2022

Grantchester 7 Episode 2

Lester Carmichael, part of the husband-and-wife team who own the Carmichael’s cleaning goods brand, is found dead, with a rather unusual neck wound.

Will and Geordie’s investigation leads them to look into Lester’s private life, which, they discover, is much less spotless than the carefully curated image he and his wife Melanie like to present to the public; He was a regular visitor to a local suburban brothel.

Will and Geordie must consider whether Lester’s demise could have been motivated by his wife’s desire to protect the reputation of their business, or if the murder is connected to the brothel itself.

Meanwhile, Mrs C’s recent erratic behaviour causes Jack to question whether she could be having an affair, and Will is increasingly drawn to the passionate and alluring Maya.

Will she leave Elliot for him? Do they have a future together? Could Maya be ‘the one’?

Elloria Torchia as Maya and Tom Brittney as Rev Will Davenport. (Image credit: ITV)

Grantchester Cast

Geordie KeatingRobson Green
Will DavenportTom Brittney
Leonard FinchAl Weaver
Mrs ChapmanTessa Peake-Jones
Cathy KeatingKacey Ainsworth
Jack ChapmanNick Brimble
Bonnie EvansCharlotte Ritchie
Larry PetersBradley Hall
Miss ScottMelissa Johns
Elliott WallaceMichael D Xavier
MayaEllora Torchia
Melanie CarmichaelKirsty Besterman
Betty RoseRebecca Lacey
Velma SawyerBoadicea Ricketts
Lester CarmichaelRob Pomfret
Douglas RickmanDavid Boyle
CliveRyan Early
Mr FordHenry Everett
Ivy KeatingRubie-Rose Fearfield
Dora KeatingRose Allen
David KeatingCarter-Jae O’Neil
Ernie EvansIsaac Highams
Ted SawyerAce Gill

Written by Daisy Coulam. Directed by Tim Fywell. Based on the novels The Grantchester Mysteries by James Runcie.

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