Robson Green reveals plans for TV reunion with Jerome Flynn

Robson Green has revealed he is lining up a TV comeback with former co-star Jerome Flynn.

The Northumberland-born actor exclusively revealed that an on screen reunion between the pair could be “coming soon”, adding that a meeting had taken place and it had gone well, The Mirror reports.

The duo have barely been seen together on screen since the mid-nineties.

Asked if he is going to work with Jerome Flynn again, Robson said: “Me and Jerome have had a meeting. I’m not going to tell you the channel, but there may be something, you’re the first to hear this, in the air with me and Jerome coming soon. A TV show. We had a meeting and it went well.

“Not only is he a friend, but he’s a brilliant actor as well. Everyone saw that in Ripper Street and Game of Thrones, but also on stage he’s amazing.”

When asked if the show will be Robson and Jerome acting or more of a documentary-style programme, he added: “It might be a hybrid of the two. Let’s see.”

Robson and Jerome were huge stars together in the Nineties, appearing in hit ITV drama Soldier Soldier for five series and then going on to have huge chart success with their version of Unchained Melody and I Believe which both went to the top of the charts in the mid-nineties.

The prospect of a reunion would delight their millions of fans, although thankfully both men have been on screen regularly in recent years in a variety of roles.

Robson’s success on screen included ITV series Grantchester where he has played Detective Inspector Geordie Keating since 2014.

Speaking at The Cheltenham Festival on Friday, Robson said: “Grantchester is such a likeable, charming, well thought of show. They are characters you really care about and want to follow. It’s the relationships everyone engages with. It’s very charming with something incredibly uncomfortable underneath, and may it continue to be a monster here.

“There’s planning for another series, and they’re talking about making a movie as well, so we’ll see. Actors weren’t furloughed during lockdown, so it was a really tough time for all of us. And I was looking at other careers, I used to be a naval architect at a shipyard, and I was thinking, ‘Am I going back into hull design?’ But luckily, the pandemic is easing a bit and we’re back to doing things we want to do and love.

“It’s a very productive year for TV and film. So I’m looking forward to that.”

Robson & Jerome’s cover version of Unchained Melody sold 1.8 million copies and was top of the charts for seven weeks.

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