Into the Amazon with Robson Green on Channel 5 in the UK
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Into the Amazon with Robson Green

Robson Green takes the journey of a lifetime, exploring incredible landscapes and culture.

Robson Green is embarking on an epic journey into the Amazon Rainforest in this 3-part series for Channel 5.

Into the Amazon with Robson Green follows Green as he takes viewers on a breath-taking journey through the Amazon rainforest in what promises to be a fascinating exploration of one of the world’s most captivating and diverse ecosystems.

Starting in Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian State of Amazonas, Robson will explore the city’s history and surroundings before setting sail down the Rio Negro, the world’s largest blackwater River in the world, venturing deeper into the Amazon rainforest where he will meet indigenous tribes, pink dolphin conservationists, and go fishing. He will then spend the night in the jungle with survival experts, before heading to the ‘Caribbean of the Jungle’ Alter do Chão, a hidden paradise within the Amazon rainforest.

Robson Green said, “Talk about an adventure of a lifetime! I’ve a feeling going Into the Amazon Rainforest will be a unique and unparalleled experience. Its vast and mysterious wilderness will provide the perfect opportunity for exploration, observing wondrous wildlife in their natural environment, beautiful birds and immersive encounters with diverse ecosystems.

Robson Green with the Tuyuka Tribe in the Amazon

“From traversing the mighty Amazon River to trekking through dense jungles and discovering hidden flora and fauna along with meeting larger than life people doing extraordinary things, the Amazon Rainforest will present an adventure like no other. Not one second of this journey will be taken for granted. Living the dream!”

Adrian Padmore, Commissioning Editor Channel 5 and Paramount+ said: “We’re delighted to bring Robson back to Channel 5 for an exploration of one of the world’s most important habitats. Into the Amazon will be totally immersive, extremely challenging and genuinely informative, as Robson discovers how this incredible environment impacts all our daily lives.”

Oliver Wright, Executive Producer and Creative Director of Coming Up Roses said, “We are lucky to work with some exceptional talent, and are thrilled to add Robson to that roster and have him on board for this remarkable journey. We are confident he’ll bring viewers into his adventure in a truly unique and engaging way.”

The series was commissioned for Channel 5 by Adrian Padmore and is executive produced by Oliver Wright. The series editor is Grace Kitto and Jason Holmes is Series Director. The series will be distributed by All3Media International.

Into the Amazon with Robson Green Episode Guide

Episode 1

UK: 21 May 2024

Into the Amazon episode 1

Robson Green embarks on a remarkable journey to the Amazon rainforest, exploring its diverse wildlife and ecosystem.

Robson begins his adventure in Alter do Chao, often referred to as the Amazon’s Caribbean gateway. He braves a terrifying climb to the top of the tree canopy, where he takes in the vastness of the rainforest. He then drives south, witnessing the impact of deforestation and meeting a community embracing sustainable farming practices.

Robson also visits an animal rehabilitation centre to observe native sloths before they are released back into the wild.

In Santarém, Robson explores the Amazon’s reputation as the “world’s largest pharmacy,” learning about the healing properties of its plants with a medical doctor. He also joins a traditional Carimbó dance and tries his hand at Capoeira, a Brazilian form of self-defence disguised as a dance.

The episode concludes with Robson in Manaus, the “Paris of the Tropics,” where he discovers the opulent Teatro Amazonas, a testament to the rubber industry’s wealth.

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Episode 2

UK: 28 May 2024

Robson Green journeys into the Amazon episode 2

Robson Green pedals out on a water bike to see the meeting of the waters, two rivers running side by side that refuse to come together. He boards a traditional boat, navigating the waters of the Rio Negro, a tributary of the Amazon River.

Plus, Robson visits a school where pupils are taught in both Portuguese and their own indigenous language.

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Episode 3

UK: 4 June 2024

Into the Amazon with Robson Green episode 3

In a canoe, Robson explores the Anavilhanas Archipelago, an intricate pattern of tiny islands and lagoons, and is surprised to see a white breasted hawk amongst egrets, parrots and herons. He learns to fish with a bow and arrow, assisted by an indigenous guide who has archery in his blood.

Plus, Saru and Robson get up close to a baby caiman that can grow up to 16-feet in length.

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