Grantchester S9 with Will, Geordie and Alphy
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Grantchester S9

Grantchester, starring Robson Green and Rishi Nair, returns for an ninth series.

Grantchester returns! It’s 1961 and life is good for Will and Geordie. The families are always together, from Sunday lunches to planning summer holidays and with honorary grandparents Mrs. C and Jack, and adopted uncles Daniel and Leonard, it’s one big happy family. But when Will is approached with a life-changing offer, can he leave Grantchester, and Geordie behind?

As Geordie struggles with personal loss and ever-growing family conflict between Cathy and teenage daughter, Esme he has no one to turn to. But when he arrests an intruder breaking into the Vicarage, he may find his days of working with a Vicar are not over.

Image by Geoff Robinson. Rishi Nair is Grantchester’s new vicar, Alphy Kotteram.

Reverend Alphy Kotteram has an instinctive distrust for authority and absolutely no desire to get involved in murder investigations. But Alphy and Geordie will discover they have a lot more in common than they first think, and Alphy will find that in Grantchester, murder is never far away.

From deadly circuses, abandoned babies, and hostile historians to vanishing valets and murderous satirists, Geordie and Alphy witness first-hand how religion can be corrupted, but also how faith, love and friendship can offer hope – and renewal.

Robson Green returns alongside Charlotte Ritchie as Bonnie, Al Weaver as Leonard Finch, Tessa Peake-Jones as Mrs. C, Kacey Ainsworth as Cathy Keating, Oliver Dimsdale as Daniel Marlowe, Nick Brimble as Jack Chapman, Bradley Hall as DC Larry Peters and Melissa Johns as Miss Scott.

Adapted from the Grantchester Mysteries novels by James Runcie, the show has performed solidly for ITV in previous years, regularly attracting over five million viewers.

Adapted from the Grantchester Mysteries novels by James Runcie

Grantchester S9 Episode Guide

Episode 1

USA: 16 June 2024 – UK: TBC

Will and Geordie investigate the mysterious death of a circus performer. Will receives a surprising offer that makes him question his life in Grantchester.

Episode 2

USA: 23 June 2024 – UK: TBC

An abandoned baby is discovered on the same day that a hotel manager is found dead. Things are complicated further when Geordie is blindsided by Will’s news.

Episode 3

USA: 30 June 2024 – UK: TBC

Geordie and new vicar Alphy Kottaram get off on the wrong foot but soon find themselves teaming up to investigate the murder of a local landowner.

Episode 4

USA: 7 July 2024 – UK: TBC

Alphy is invited to a party at a country manor, where he hopes to raise funds for the ailing church. The evening’s frivolities are cut short when a body is found in the basement.

Episode 5

USA: 14 July 2024 – UK: TBC

A murder at Esme’s office sends shockwaves through the Keating family. Alphy’s meeting with the bishop fails to go as planned.

Episode 6

USA: 21 July 2024 – UK: TBC

Alphy and Geordie’s investigation into the murder of an archaeologist uncovers a tangled web of betrayal and deceit.

Episode 7

USA: 28 July 2024 – UK: TBC

Alphy discovers that a woman he knows has gone missing. When her friend is murdered, Alphy and Geordie race to find the answers.

Episode 8

USA: 4 August 2024 – UK: TBC

When a man is found dead on the streets of Cambridge, Alphy and Geordie begin to unravel clues that leads them to a shocking revelation.

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