Age Before Beauty Episode 4
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Age Before Beauty S1 E4

  • Episode: 4 of 6
  • ITV UK: Tuesday 21st August 2018
  • Audience: 3.67 million

Written by Debbie Horsfield. Directed by Paul Norton Walker.

Age Before Beauty Episode 4

Leanne has organised for MirrorBel salon to have a stand at an anti-ageing fair. When Bel, Tina and Heidi turn up, they’re surprised to discover that Leanne is promoting herself as an anti-ageing guru. It’s clear that beyond designing the packaging Leanne doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing!

Teddy takes Bel out for lunch and they both agree that the salon is out of its league in terms of its competition. Teddy says he’ll invest in the salon as long as they keep it secret from Wes and Leanne.

At the point where Wes is ready to save his marriage to Bel, she is having her head turned by a surprising suitor.

Never Let It Die by Gabriel Wenner

Never Let It Die – Gabriel Wenner

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