Age Before Beauty Episode 1
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Age Before Beauty S1 E1

  • Episode: 1 of 6
  • ITV UK: 31st July 2018
  • Audience: 4.57 million

Written by Debbie Horsfield. Directed by Paul Norton Walker.

Age Before Beauty Episode 1

Bel Finch has been married to Wesley for 25 years and has spent the past 18 years at home caring for their twins, Lexie and Tyler. She experiences a big void in her life when the twins leave the nest for university.

Their best friend, Teddy who they’ve known since they were teenagers, and with whom they’ve shared a lot of history, is married to Bel’s sister, Leanne. Now that Bel has a lot of time on her hands, Teddy persuades her to come back to the salon to rescue it from her family, who are running it into the ground.

Leanne is less than impressed that Bel is back at the salon – especially since Mum Ivy-Rae and sisters Tina and Heidi are waxing lyrical on how Bel is back where she belongs.

Whilst Bel is busy giving the salon a makeover, Wes is doing up a kitchen for a personal trailer Lorelei. They make a deal: she gives him discounted training sessions and he gives her a discount on her new kitchen.

Bel films one of Disney’s beauty pageants to help showcase the salon’s services and then arranges a salon opening to help attract new customers. This infuriates Leanne and fuels their sibling rivalry.

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