Age Before Beauty Episode 2
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Age Before Beauty S1 E2

  • Episode: 2 of 6
  • ITV UK: Tuesday 7th August 2018
  • Audience: 3.84 million

Written by Debbie Horsfield. Directed by Paul Norton Walker.

Age Before Beauty Episode 2

Bel is concerned that Wes might be having his head turned, so books in for a personal training session with Lorelei under a fake name to check out her love rival. Bel’s horrified to discover that Lorelei is young, fit and gorgeous!

Bel is staying at her parents’ as Ivy-Rae has shacked up with a new beau. Bel confides in her Dad Chizzler about her marital problems with Wes.

Bel decides to have a makeover and the whole family pitches in with her transformation. Lexie returns from university, takes one look at her mum, and wrongly assumes that Bel is cheating on Wes!

Ivy-Rae competes in a Northern Soul event. The whole family turn up to support her. Bel notices that Teddy is out of sorts and he reveals that he and Leanne are going through a rocky patch. Bel is supportive – she knows how he feels.

After the Northern Soul event Ivy-Rae returns to Chizzler, which means that Bel is forced to move back home and face Wes.

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