Age Before Beauty Episode 3
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Age Before Beauty S1 E3

  • Episode: 3 of 6
  • ITV UK: Tuesday 14th August 2018
  • Audience: 3.68 million

Written by Lee Warbuton. Directed by Paul Norton Walker.

Age Before Beauty Episode 3

Bel enlists the help of Ivy-Rae with regards to confronting her marital problems with Wes. 

Meanwhile Leanne is trying to get one up on Bel and has organised a billboard to promote the salon. But Leanne has overpaid for it and is distraught when Teddy publicly sides with Bel.

Bel and Chizzler have a heart to heart where Chizzler tries to get her to talk to Wes. He admits his marriage hasn’t always been easy before revealing the shocking reason why he’s in a wheelchair.

At the unveiling of the salon billboard, Leanne is spoiling for a fight with Bel because she feels undermined by the family assuming Bel’s in charge at the salon. As their argument escalates, Bel accidentally blurts out why Chizzler’s in a wheelchair; Leanne, Tina and Heidi are put out that Bel knew a family secret that they didn’t.

Meanwhile Leanne feels insecure when she sees Teddy and Bel have an intimate hug as it fuels her suspicions that Teddy prefers Bel to her.

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Never Let It Die by Gabriel Wenner

Never Let It Die – Gabriel Wenner