Robson Green fishing on the River Dee
Robson Green on the River Dee. Picture by Kath Flannery.
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Robson Green: Coastal Fishing

Firecracker Films introduces Robson Green Coastal Fishing.

Their four-part series is fronted by actor and presenter Robson Green, and was ordered for Channel 5 by commissioning editor Daniel Louw.

In the series, Robson will be “battling the elements, rival fisherman, his own body and even the fish themselves, to land some absolute whoppers – from monstrous conger eels off the coast of Devon, to helping preserve some truly pre-historic looking skate in Scotland.”

Elspeth O’Hare, Creative Director Firecracker Scotland said, “We are delighted to be working with Robson. His passion and enthusiasm will shine through as he travels around the British Isles in search of our favourite fish and some monsters of the deep.”

Series Producer is Jane Handa, Series Director is Samuel Palmer and Producer/Director is Drew Ferguson.

Robson Green Coastal Fishing

Robson Green: Coastal Fishing Episode Guide

Episode 1: South West

Saturday, 16th October 2021

Robson travels around the South West of England as he goes on a mission to find one of the world’s biggest Eels; the Conger Eel. Growing up to seven feet long and weighing an incredible 200lbs, Robson tries his hand at pulling up a monster from the deep off the Weymouth coast with The British Conger Eel Club.

Then it’s off to Penzance where Robson is taught the art of sea fishing on pedal drive kayaks with two of the UK’s best kayak fisherman, Liam & Steve. Having never caught a fish before using this method, will Robson’s efforts pay off as he goes in search of Wrasse?

Travelling along the Devon coast and stopping off in Brixham, Robson learns how one of the UKs most popular fish, Plaice, is washed, cut and prepared in the Sea fish factory and takes his freshly filleted fish to a chippy where he is taught to make a local Devonshire delicacy; the skipper roll.

Father and son Martin and Danny sail the seas off the coast of Newquay in search of a crustacean that has made a mysterious comeback. Robson gets on board the Tizzardlee-on! to help the guys in their quest to collect the spiny Crawfish that had disappeared from our shores for the last forty to fifty years.

Further up the coast, Robson joins Jenny and her team-mates at the Padstow Gig Rowing club as they take on the rival Rock Club in an inter-estuary race in a pilot gig boat. Dating back to the 17th century, gig boats would race pilots out to the ships waiting in deeper waters and whoever got to the ship first would get the job. Robson uses his motivational skills to cheer on the team but who will win the race?

Episode 2: Scotland

Saturday, 23rd October 2021

In this episode Robson travels around the West coast of Scotland as he goes out fishing for what this area is world renowned for; shellfish.

On the island of Mull, Robson meets local fisherman Johnny who takes him out on the North Atlantic in his small fishing boat to help him pull up his creels from the seabed in the hope of catching lobster and velvet crabs. Johnny’s daily battle with the weather and waves is arduous and sometimes extreme and it’s a race against time to get his catch to the port before the lorry leaves the island.

With his catch in tow, Robson stays on Mull to meet Johnny’s wife, Carla to get the lobster from port to plate in no time. Canadian chef Carla teaches Robson the best way to cook and prepare lobster which so many of us are afraid to do.

Heading in land to a secret location, Robson sets up camp with fishing enthusiast Alex as they prepare to go in search of what’s known by many as the unicorn fish. The elusive Arctic Char. Having only caught this fish in Greenland and Iceland, Robson is sceptical that the Arctic Char even exists in the UK. Over some friendly banter around the camp fire, Robson sets a challenge to catch the char but whose tactics will win?

After a paddle boarding pit-stop and some deep-fried ice cream, Robson meets skipper Roger and Marine Conservationist Jane where they head out to sea from Dunstaffnage marina. In search of a dinosaur from the deep, the crew are on a fact-finding mission for one of the world’s most endangered species, Skate. Measuring as large as 2.85metres, does Robson have what it takes to pull up one of these incredible creatures?

Episode 3: Pembrokeshire

Saturday, 30th October 2021

In this episode, Robson travels around the Welsh Pembrokeshire coast where he goes in search of a special and highly sort after species…the Seabass.

In Saundersfoot harbour, Robson meets sustainable fisherman Berwyn who is lucky enough to own one of the very rare Seabass fishing licenses. Trawling for seabass is illegal in Wales and so commercial fishing is done by the traditional rod and line. With a half a ton of back orders on his books will Berwyn find Robson on board a help or a hindrance?!

Back on dry land, it’s time to see how the bass goes from port to plate in a matter of hours as Berwyn hand delivers his catch to chef Dougie who is a massive fan of Berwyn’s bass claiming the quality is unrivalled, which in turn has a huge impact on his own dishes. Dougie shows Robson the beautifully simplistic way to cook seabass – just char grilling on the BBQ with a little lemon and garlic butter.

Robson then travels to Carmarthen to find out about a fishing tradition that dates back to over 2000 years – Coracle fishing. Using keel-less boats constructed from a basketwork wooden frame, the Welsh ‘Sewin’ is the prize sought by the fisherman. Malcolm, an eighth generation coracle man believes the coracles were in his family long before archives began. The ‘Sewin’ can only be caught in the dark of night and after 7 stars appear in the sky.

On his final jaunt around West Wales, Robson gets on board the Penaluna chip shop van as he celebrates National Fish & Chip Day by giving out free portions of the iconic British dish to the hard-working Dr’s and Nurses of the NHS.

Episode 4: North East

Saturday, 6th November 2021

In the final episode, Robson is in his home county of Northumberland in search of the great British staple: Scampi.

Starting off at Fish Quay in North Shields, this port pulls in the most prawns making it the busiest prawn port of the UK. Here, Robson meets skipper John and boards his boat, the Tori Allana, to voyage out into the North Sea to see if he can learn the tricks of his trade and uncover the secrets of his success by pulling in the biggest, freshest prawns and langoustines.

It’s then back to shore where Robson is shown the ropes in the processing fish factory where John’s catch is washed, weighed and graded before being sent off to its final destination. Taking a few tails for himself, Robson pops along to his local chippy where he cooks up and tastes the freshest scampi.

Having fished in over 30 countries over many years, Robson is yet to catch a Ling, a beast of the sea. Ling are the largest fish of the cod family, growing up to 200 cm in length and 30 kg in weight – they are no easy catch! Looking like a mix between a cod and a conger eel, it’s a hard fighting species whose teeth will leave permanent damage. Skipper Alan sets Robson a challenge to see if he can pull up a Ling lurking in the crevices of shipwrecks that litter the seabed.

On the final fishing trip of the series, Robson visits the beautiful Farne Islands where the tens of thousands of puffins, guillemots and gannets prove the waters are rich with an array of fish. Can Robson catch his dinner to cook on camp-fire later?

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