From Tyne to Tweed CD Album

Keep Yer Feet Still

Robson Green sings the comical Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny, written by prolific Tyneside songwriter Joe Wilson in the mid 19th Century.

The track tells of two men who are working away and sharing a bed to cut the cost of accommodation. One is dreaming of his sweetheart but is constantly woken up by his restless companion!

This celebration of the North has got music lovers snapping up a collection of regional songs performed by a guest list of famous local musicians, actors and singers.

The Northumbrian Anthology comes on two separate CDs or cassettes and celebrates the songs that have best captured North East life through the ages.

One disc is dedicated to the northern half of the region, with music from the Tweed to the Tyne, while the other features compositions borne from the Tyne to the Tees.

Home grown stars such as Sting, Bryan Ferry, Robson Green, Brian Johnson, Denise Welch and Kevin Whately are among a host of big names lending their support to the project.

The idea came from MWM record-label founder Brian Mawson, who set about recruiting support to collect more than 3,000 songs.

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Steve Wright Radio Show interview with Robson Green

Steve Wright Radio Show

Garage in Blyth Close, Dudley

He was a lovely boy – very cheeky!