Thorntons Advert with Robson Green as the unwanted Christmas present
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Thorntons ‘Robson Green Advert’

Robson will be appearing in two new Thorntons adverts, running from tonight for the Christmas period. The ads feature two flat-mates, Lucy and Sarah, who rush to open their presents on Christmas morning.

Advert 1 (40 second & 30 second versions)

In the first ad, Lucy is delighted with the chocolates that Sarah has given her and immediately indulges.

She then produces an enormous parcel for Sarah who opens it excitedly. She is disappointed however, when she finds that her present is Robson Green.

After an awkward pause she asks: “Do you think I can take him back?”

Advert 2 (10 seconds)

The second ad shows Lucy and Sarah sitting on the sofa with their presents.

Lucy is enjoying her Thorntons chocolates and a disappointed Sarah is sitting next to a bemused Green.

As Sarah shuffles toward the chocolates, Lucy turns away and tells her: “Go and play with Robson.”

As lovely as Thorntons chocolates are, I’m guessing a lot of you guys would quite willingly give them up to ‘go and play with Robson’?

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