Robson Green's Weekend Escapes S1
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Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes S1

Relax, reset and recharge. Robson takes the roads less travelled across his beloved North East England. With famous friends, he finds wellbeing and adventure in wonderful places.

Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes – S1 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Monday 23 January 2023

Robson Green's Weekend Escapes with Les Ferdinand in Seahouses

Former footballer Les Ferdinand is coerced into the North Sea in a wetsuit as he joins Robson Green on a short break in Northumberland packed with memories and laughter.

For Robson, it’s an emotional trip in more ways than one. The actor and the footballer share memories and laughs while taking in the sights of Craster and Beadnell Bay. Later, they take to the North Sea in wetsuits as they challenge themselves and each other to stand up on a paddle board long enough to take in the stunning views.

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Episode 2: Tuesday 24 January 2023

Robson Green with Mark Benton in Teesside

Robson and road trip buddy, actor Mark Benton, go on a humour-filled quest to find ways to relax while exploring the North Yorkshire coast.

The humour-filled road trip sees the pair take the world-famous cliff lift in the Victorian seaside resort of Saltburn-by-the-Sea, while their campside accommodation offers a real-life Hobbit hole for the night.

The acting duo take a drawing lesson in the pretty North Yorkshire fishing port of Staithes before squeezing into wetsuits for a bracing cold water swim in the River Tees.

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Episode 3: Wednesday 25 January 2023

Robson Green with Jill Scott in North Yorkshire

Footballer Jill Scott joins Robson on his mission to find new ways of engaging with the great outdoors.

A gentle stroll around the Helmsley Walled Garden is followed by a picturesque drive through the landscape of North Yorkshire, while Jill provides an insight into the world of football at the highest level.

The pair arrive at the River Esk to embark on a lesson in paddle boarding with the added challenge of performing yoga moves on the water. Robson continues his trip solo to the National Bird of Prey Centre, where he gets the chance to fly some of the birds.

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Episode 4: Thursday 26 January 2023

Robson Green with  Lost Voice Guy, Lee Ridley

Comedian Lost Voice Guy – aka Lee Ridley – joins Robson in County Durham to explore the benefits of getting into the great outdoors.

Lee takes Robson to a favourite spot he used to walk as a child near his Consett home before the pair hit the road, with Lee entertaining Robson with humorous personal anecdotes. At Derwent Reservoir, the pair take to the water to investigate the stress-relieving benefits of sailing.

Robson then heads by himself to the Weardale Adventure Centre to learn more about why rock climbing could help keep us in good mental health.

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Episode 5: Friday 27 January 2023

Robson Green's Weekend Escapes

In a family affair, Robson is joined by his uncle and nephew on his mission to try new activities in the great outdoors, including birdwatching and gliding.

The trio head to Rothbury in Northumberland, where they sample a guided birdwatching walk before setting up camp on a farm, renting out converted former horse boxes.

Joined by folk singer Sandra Kerr, a campfire family sing-song ends the day. The weekend closes with a bird’s eye view of Northumberland as the trio test claims that the gentle act of gliding over the landscape can be good for the soul.

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Episode 6: Monday 30 January 2023

Sara Davies with Robson Green in Teesdale

Former Strictly star and real-life Dragon Sara Davies takes Robson gorge walking in Teesdale to introduce him to her way of getting close to nature as the actor continues his mission to find new ways of spending time in the great outdoors.

After overnighting in a shepherd’s hut on a cheese farm, Robson heads to nearby Barnard Castle before heading to the nearby Raby country Estate. The actor wants to explore how watching animals in the wild can be good for our sense of wellbeing as he joins the Raby gamekeeper on an inspection of the estate’s ancient deer herd.

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Episode 7: Tuesday 31 January 2023

Tom Brittney and Robson Green in Durham

Robson plays host to his Grantchester co-star Tom Brittney on a road trip around County Durham. Their mission to find peace and relaxation in the countryside finds the duo Dragon Boat racing on the river Wear before heading to a forest camp where they spend the night.

In the hands of expert forager Andy, the actors find food for dinner in the wild plants of the woodland before a campfire sing song and a night in a self-erected hammock. Their pursuit of outdoor activities to help refresh the mind and body sees Robson and Tom step back in time as they step aboard a preserved steam train on the oldest railway in the world at Tanfield.

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Episode 8: Wednesday 1 February 2023

Robson Green and Steph McGovern in Northumberland

Robson invites TV presenter Steph McGovern on his journey around Northumberland looking for things to do in the outdoors which can help us switch off from the stresses of the day-to-day.

From the picturesque village of Craster, the pair swap stories on the journey to nearby Druridge Bay where they attempt to harness the wind and try their hand at Kite Buggying. With the help of a sea foraging expert, Robson and Steph beachcomb for ingredients for dinner.

Heading inland to the Ingram Valley, Robson overnights in a hut in the hills before taking a guided buggy-safari of the wildlife and landscapes of the valley in his hunt for new ways of spending time outdoors.

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Episode 9: Thursday 2 February 2023

Melanie Hill and Robson Green

Robson’s pursuit of finding outdoor activities to keep our mental health in tip-top condition sees him joined by Sunderland born actress Melanie Hill. The former Coronation Street star joins Robson at High Force waterfall to feel the power of being surrounded by water and to listen to the sounds of one of the UK’s mightiest waterfalls. 

Robson takes Melanie to a re-wilded former quarry to take part in an outdoor woodwork class. After overnighting in a converted railway carriage on a farm near Bishop Aukland Robson investigates the outdoor theatrical re-enactment extravaganza telling the story of English history, Kynren.

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Episode 10: Friday 3 February 2023

Robson Green and his uncle Matheson

Robson’s quest to find ways to spend more time in the outdoors sees him join forces with his Uncle Matheson. The pair set off to explore the Northumberland countryside on their doorstep which includes a night in Youth Hostel. Armed with produce from his own garden to cook in a communal kitchen, the pair head for Hexham. 

After signing up for a bread making class in a rural cookery school, Robson and Matheson come away with their very own Stottie cakes. A night in bunk beds at the Sill Youth hostel is a first for both of them. With Hadrian’s Wall on their doorstep, the pair join a National Park guided walk along the Roman remains. 

Leaving the wall behind, they head west to the heather-clad moorlands of Allendale. Local honey makers take uncle and nephew to their beehives to learn more about the making of heather honey.

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Episode 11: Monday 6 February 2023

Robson Green with his brother David and uncle Matheson

Robson joins forces with his brother David and Uncle Matheson in his pursuit of new ways to spend time in the great outdoors.

The trio turn their hand to landscape painting in the fresh air, before a trip to an organised treetop adventure park and the family favourite of fly fishing on a picturesque Northumbrian lake.

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Episode 12: Tuesday 7 February 2023

Rosie Ramsey and Robson Green in Northumberland

Robson and podcaster Rosie Ramsey sign up for a bushcraft lesson in Northumberland at a forest camp set up to help army veterans. Attempting to build a shelter and make a fire, the pair learn about the mental health benefits of spending time outdoors.

The twosome road-test the health benefits of laughter during an adrenaline-fuelled power buggy race.

Robson also heads to the Borders to meet the heavy horses whose company can aid in the treatment of anxiety.

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Episode 13: Wednesday 8 February 2023

Robson Green with Charlie Hadwick in East Durham

Actor Charlie Hardwick shows Robson the hidden gems of the East Durham coastline as part of Robson’s journey to find fresh ways of spending time in the outdoors. The pair take an art class on the sand and beachcomb to create a piece of art. A wellness choir teacher holds an outdoor singing session to show how singing outdoors can be good for mind and body. 

Later, Robson signs up for a session with a forest bathing instructor amongst the trees of Hamsterley Forest.

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Episode 14: Thursday 9 February 2023

LJ Ross with Robson Green on Holy Island

Robson is joined by crime fiction author LJ Ross on a trip along the Northumbrian coast. They visit Holy Island – the setting for Ross’s first novel – where they join a tour guide to find out more about the religious connections with the island. The pair then sign up for a lesson in Nordic walking on the beach of Budle Bay. 

Later, Robson is then joined by his partner Zoila for a caravan stay on a cattle farm before taking to the skies in a micro light

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Episode 15: Friday 10 February 2023

Hairy Biker Si Green with Robson Green

Robson is joined by Hairy Biker Si King on his quest to find new ways of spending time in the great outdoors. Taking the scenic route north to Chillingham, the pair head out to visit the estate’s famous wild cattle. And with a shared interest in mental wellness, they sign up for an outdoor music session to explore the health benefits of group drumming. 

Later, Robson heads off to experience the potential restorative qualities of mixing cold-water swimming in the North Sea and the heat of a portable sauna

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