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Robson Green’s message of support to help save Northumberland pub

By Andrew Coulson | Northumberland Gazette

A group of villagers passionate about saving their local pub, The Fishers Arms in Horncliffe, have set up a group to achieve a community buyout and secure its long-term future.

Their aim is to raise a minimum of £296,000 to purchase the pub and fund necessary refurbishments.

Robson Green is among those hoping that The Fishers Arms is saved by the community, and he recorded a message of support for the group:

In his video message, Robson said: “The Fishers Arms is a wonderful pub. I’ve been there many times.

“If you are successful, it will be a fantastic place for anglers from all over Britain, if not the world, to have a bit of R&R after a great day or week’s fishing.

“I wish you all the best.”

A public meeting was held in Horncliffe on Sunday 16th January to launch the campaign.

According to an official notice issued by Northumberland County Council, it was notified of the owner’s intention to sell the pub in September.

This then triggered a six-week period in which “any eligible community interest group” could register to be considered a potential bidder, once the property was listed on the market.

Following the “interim moratorium” period, if an eligible group has made its interest known it has six months to make a suitable offer, before it can be listed on the open market.

A public meeting was held in Horncliffe on Sunday to launch the campaign

A website has been set-up – – that contains more information about the campaign and gives people the opportunity to pledge to buy shares towards a community purchase of The Fishers Arms.

A spokesman for the campaign’s steering committee said: “Our vision is to save The Fishers Arms and give our pub an authentic Northumberland/Borders identity with a unique character, using local breweries and local suppliers.

“This is our community’s last chance to make the pub the hub of the community and we have a very tight deadline to raise the money required.

“Please support our pledge for shares. We really need our pub back and with your help we can achieve our goal.”

Source: Northumberland Gazette

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