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Robson Green chatting about ‘Take Me’ on This Morning

Transcribed by Pamela Bishop

Robson Green chats with Carl Wilde for Richard & Judy (This Morning) today, about his life and his new series called Take Me which is on ITV in August.

Take Me, starring Robson Green and co-starring Beth Goddard as Jack and Kay Chambers, sees Robson Green ditching his cheeky chappy image to play a business obsessed husband who’s marriage runs in to a bad patch.

The couple try to mend their relationship by moving to a new country house.

However, they soon discover a world of sexual intrigue when they are invited to a neighbours house for what turns out to be a wife-swapping party. The couples are sucked into the lifestyle and Jack becomes involved in what appears to be a murder.

Judy Finnigan: Now, Robson Green’s new series is called Take Me, but he wants to be careful ’cause there are millions of women out there who might see that as an open invitation – so watch out Robson!

Carl Wilde: Robson Green returns to the small screen next month in a brand new six part thriller – Take Me…

Robson: Take Me is about relationships, and I play a character called Jack Chambers who essentially is trying to save his marriage. He thinks he can solve the marriage by buying things. Buying Kay his wife, played by Beth Goddard, by buying her a new house – anything she wants. Everything Jack does in life is for his family.

The reason why we are here today, we’re filming a ‘welcome to the neighbourhood’ party – it’s the scene where Jack, through just looking around, discovers that everything is not what it seems.

There are only sort of three parties in the show, and what I’ll say to you is this is not a show about wife swapping – it is about relationships and the way people interact with each other.

Carl Wilde: We’re set to see a very different side to Robson. So how does it feel to be playing an altogether darker character?

Robson: I’ve no problem with playing what seems to be, or being involved in, something sinister.

You know, people say the characters I play all the time are very likeable. Well I take that as a massive compliment because its very difficult to be liked on television. But within this macabre situation, in this six part thriller, there’s tons of humour. There are wonderful scenes you wont believe and I think its very, very different from the norm in television.

Carl Wilde: Beth Goddard plays Kay, Robson’s emotionally unfulfilled wife.

Beth Goddard: We first meet Kay at the point where she realises she is quite disenchanted with Jack. They love each other but they’re trying to rekindle the magic that’s sort of lost after about 15 years, which isn’t unusual I suppose. So they go to rather bazaar lengths to try and mend their relationship.

If I was married to Robson in real life I wouldn’t swap him – no way!

Carl Wilde: A heavy work schedule has taken its toll on Robson and he’s ready for some time off with his family.

Robson: The air of normality is what I’m looking forward to when I have a break. I’m not a well lad. I need time off. I want to lie on a beach, with Vanya and Taylor and listen to Bob Marley – that’s what I want do.

Robson: Why should you watch Take Me?
Because it’s different.
Because it’s charming.
Because it’s scary.
It’s windswept.
It’s interesting.

And again – I’m in it! Please watch it…
Please… (cry) …Watch it!
Gaa-haaaaaaa… (Robson falls on the floor in front of camera!)

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