Grantchester Season 8
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Grantchester S8

Grantchester, starring Robson Green and Tom Brittney, returns for an eighth series.

ITV crime drama Grantchester returns for series 8, with Robson Green as DI Geordie Keating, and Tom Brittney as Grantchester’s Reverend Will Davenport.

This time around, USA will air the series first from 9th July 2023, with ITV in the UK following in 2024.

The new series will pick up from the events of season seven, which ended with the joyous occasion of Will’s wedding to Cathy’s widowed niece, Bonnie Evans. However, it looks like Will’s marital bliss will be short-lived as his world is “rocked by a terrible accident”.

The synopsis continues: “He’s always preached the word of a compassionate God – but how can he now, when his despair leads him on a dangerous downward spiral?

“Geordie has found a new contentment in his relationship with Cathy, but when they are both confronted with shocking announcements at work their happiness is threatened. As Mrs C, Leonard, Jack and Daniel rally around, both Will and Geordie find themselves in unfamiliar, emotional waters and murder is always around the corner.”

The new series promises to be an “explosive” one, tackling themes such as “faith, forgiveness, and redemption”, which “tests Will and Geordie to the limit“.

Adapted from the Grantchester Mysteries novels by James Runcie, the show has performed solidly for ITV in previous years, regularly attracting over five million viewers.

Grantchester S8 Episode Guide

Episode 1

Geordie and Will - Grantchester Season 8

USA: 9 July 2023 – UK: No date yet

After a fun-filled charity motorbike race, a young biker is found dead. Will and Geordie struggle to work out who would want to hurt a gifted young man.

Episode 2

Robson Green plays Geordie

USA: 16 July 2023 – UK: No date yet

In the aftermath of a fatal accident, Will is devastated to be the cause while Geordie rushes to exonerate his friend.

Episode 3

Geordie and Will

USA: 23 July 2023 – UK: No date yet

At one of Cambridge’s most prestigious colleges, a man is murdered and a valuable painting is stolen, leaving Geordie to determine if the two crimes are linked.

Episode 4


USA: 30 July 2023 – UK: No date yet

Leonard is devastated when a halfway house resident is found dead. The man confessed suicidal thoughts to Will, but is this suicide or murder?

Episode 5

Miss Scott and Larry

USA: 6 August 2023 @ 9pm – UK: No date yet

Geordie is placed on desk duty as Elliot contrives to force him to resign. The next murder case is handed to Larry, who struggles but wisely enlists the help of Miss Scott.

Episode 6


USA: 6 August 2023 @10pm – UK: No date yet

Will has disappeared, but with Bonnie about to give birth, Geordie must find him and bring him to his senses before it is too late.

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Robson Green and Rishi Nair in Grantchester S9

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